Repairs and Modifications

Our highly experienced tool technicians provide a full tool repair and modification service.  Whether brand new, used or damaged, we have the technical expertise to make the required modifications to prolong the life of the tool and get you back into production as time and cost efficiently as possible.

To save the cost of moulding a completely new tool every time a product requires a redesign or update, we can modify your existing tool, taking into account those changes, might be a new circuit board, clearance for different components, additional latches or holes?  We’ve seen many product enhancements and changes over the years and appreciate that flexibility, tool and design expertise are crucial when it comes to making precise and optimal modifications.


You may have changed supplier or inherited a mould tool that is just not fit for purpose.  Either way, our tooling team have the foresight, hardware and technical know-how to make the tool modifications required to improve the mould tool’s efficiency, lifespan and ensure overall quality of the final production run.

We will always advise on the anticipated lifespan for the tool but where there are signs of general wear and tear, we will make the necessary refurbishments and repairs to maximise the mould tool’s efficiency.

For further information or a no-obligation quotation simply contact us today.