“BEC Group is a trusted component supplier.  Their injection moulded filter screen is an integral part of our industry leading Anti-flood Airbrick. They offer a consistently high level of manufacturing quality, backed up by excellent client support services.  It’s this level of supplier commitment that enables the M3FLOODTEC Anti-flood Airbrick to retain its position as the UK’s leading flood product manufacturer. “

Matt Keight, Operations Director, M3FLOODTEC

Project: M3FLOODTEC Anti-flood Airbrick

Service:  Filter design and filter moulding

Manufacture Time: 14 days

Our Client:  M3FLOODTEC is the UK’s leading manufacturer of Kitemark certified flood defence products nationwide. They developed a replacement for the standard airbrick incorporating an automatic seal which prevents water entering the building. Unlike traditional airbricks which need seals fitted retrospectively, the M3FLOODTEC Airbrick is a “fit and forget” solution, activated by rising flood water.

Our Mission:  M3FLOODTEC needed a bespoke filter screen which fitted the existing airbrick design and could be easily removed to maintain the airbrick’s efficiency.

BEC Solution: Working closely with M3FLOODTEC we provided an economical filtration solution.  With our 4-cavity tool we were able to create a bespoke, removable, low-profile screen, maximising the open area of the filter, whilst keeping the frame strong enough to keep the mesh flat.  The resulting screen has a 500micron mesh, filtration area of over 6,000mm2 and only 2½ mm thick.

Result:  The M3FLOODTEC Airbrick is the world’s first and only BSI Kitemark™ certified airbrick to protect against flooding. (PAS 1188-1:2014).  A key element of the anti-flood airbrick is our filter, which allows the free flow of air, whilst also keeping insects and dirt away from the working parts to maximise efficiency.