We have been working with BEC to manufacture our plastic products for several years. BEC’s plastic injection moulding and tooling capabilities are of superior quality and we are consistently impressed with their high standard.  Actisense products are renowned across the globe for their durability and this is in part thanks to BEC.”

Doug Thomson, Actisense

Projects: EMU-1 and NGW-1 NMEA 2000 Gateway products

Services:  CAD design, injection mould toolmaking and plastic injection moulding

Stats:  2 products, 5 mould tools

Our Client: Multi-award winning NMEA specialists who are market leaders in manufacturing intelligent marine electronics.

Our Mission:  We were approached to manufacture the tinted polycarbonate mouldings which house the electronic circuit boards of the NGW-1.  For over a decade we have been injection moulding the components for two key products.  The first, a terminal box which monitors vital engine parameters such as temperature, pressure RPM and fluid levels.

The second, the NMEA 2000 Gateway, an electronic device that provides an uncomplicated way to link old and new data networks on a boat, converting analogue technology to digital and vice versa.

BEC Solution:

For both products, watertight mouldings and pinpoint accuracy were of paramount importance.  Using the original client-approved CAD design, our in-house mould tooling team designed and made the injection mould toolsWe then followed a rigorous material selection process, identifying the most appropriate material to withstand sea water and extreme weather conditions.  With tests complete, polycarbonate material was selected, and the bases and covers were moulded.  We injection moulded the cover to house and protect the circuit board adding suitable wall fixings.


Both products are available worldwide in over 45 countries.  The NGW-1 helping boat owners maintain a link between old and new technology, keeping them safe on the water.

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