“BEC were extremely helpful in the development of our product. We were so impressed with their technical knowledge that, despite not being the cheapest tooling and moulding company around, we went back to them to carry out the work. I’m delighted with my decision. The product is the best it can be, with solid technical advice at its core.”

Tony Marchi, Managing Director, Tonekone

Project: Close Mic’ing Support System

Service: Injection Mould Tooling & Plastic Injection Moulding

Manufacture Time: 20 days

Our Client: Tonekone manufactures microphone supports for live and studio applications.

Our Mission:  Initially to provide technical advice for a unique close mic’ing support system which Tonekone had invented. Once their design agency had finalised the CAD drawings, we were asked to make the injection mould tool and injection mould the Tonekone.

This innovative product allows a guitar or bass speaker to be mic’ed up for live or studio work without the need for a conventional floor stand or hard cabinet fixings, so there were a couple of critical success factors; firstly it had to hold a microphone a range of distances away from the speaker face regardless of speaker brand or size and secondly, it had to hold microphones of varying sizes without the need for multiple components.

BEC Solution:  After providing initial technical advice we reviewed the CAD drawings with the design agency, coming up with a moulding solution so the product would be moulded in the most cost-efficient way.  It was important to keep it simple to use, without compromising on superior performance.

We advised on materials which had to perform twofold; providing rigidity for the frame and flexibility for the integral mic’ holder.

Result:  A mould tool manufactured cost efficiently with the first batch of injection moulded samples run off for approval.