“BEC has delivered a ground-breaking, new product enabling us to win significant new business and I couldn’t be more impressed.  They have proven to be true experts in their field and are an example of British manufacturing at its best.

Given the complexity of the product, several adaptations had to be made to the brief and the mould tool; the team adapted accordingly. They offered us technical design expertise throughout the process working closely with our engineer to innovate further.  With all their facilities in-house we were able to keep a close eye on the costs and timings.  They pushed themselves and demonstrated their complete commitment to the project.”

David Crosthwaite-Eyre, Director, Cygnus Instruments

Project: DIVE instrument

Service: Technical Moulding

Manufacture Time: 40 days 

Our Client:  Cygnus manufactures ultrasonic thickness gauges for use in industrial applications worldwide.  They had designed the world’s first wrist-mounted thickness gauge, the Cygnus DIVE, for professional divers who assess corrosion on subsea equipment like underwater pipework for oil rigs and bridges, but they needed a very special team to produce it.

Our Mission: To produce the Cygnus DIVE so it would be fully functional at a depth of 300m (or 984ft!) of continuous immersion in sea water, with a large colour screen but of restricted size, it also needed to house specialist technology and electrical components.

BEC Solution:   Sometimes a project comes along which is as challenging as it is exciting.  The Cygnus DIVE was just such a project and really tested the capabilities of the BEC team.  The biggest challenge was taking into account the tooling and manufacturing constraints whilst making sure the costs didn’t escalate and risk the project coming to a standstill.

Our technical expertise and innovative thinking meant we could build flexibility into the tooling design, enabling us to re-engineer and modify to suit.  With tooling and engineering running concurrently, we could respond quickly and adapt easily to changes, saving Cygnus valuable time and money.

Result: The Cygnus DIVE was delivered on time, on budget and is now on the market. The project stretched us all, demonstrating the fantastic capabilities of everyone involved.  Congratulations Cygnus on a truly innovative product!