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Over 40 years’ of UK manufacturing expertise. We offer a turnkey plastic injection moulding service, including design, tooling and moulding – all under one innovative roof.

How Green is my Product? Design for Recycling

An EU Directive prohibiting single-use plastics is set to revolutionise the plastics packaging industry by 2025. How will FMCG companies, plastic manufacturers and even entire nations work to improve the circula...

Making designs manufacturable

We sat down with our Head of Design & Innovation, Paul Holland, to learn all about BEC’s Design for Manufacture process. Why is DFM so vital to the success of any plastic injection moulded product? Why have BE...

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How Green is my Product?

"How Green is my Product?”, this is the first in a series of blogs and articles that look at the challenges of manufacturing products that are genuinely ‘green’ – starting with basics of the terminology....