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Our 40+ years of manufacturing expertise across design, tooling, and moulding make us a great choice for your project. From reshoring and modifying mould tools from abroad, to manufacturing high volume automotive filters to tight deadlines, our team are here to make it happen.

We offer an end-to-end solution on site in the South of England, here you can visit our skilled engineers, discuss every aspect of your design, and watch it become a reality.

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What we do


Injection mould tooling and filter tooling.



Innovative Solutions

Bespoke Filter Encapsulation

Initially supplying tumble dryer and kettle filters for household names, BEC now produce filters across marine, bio-medical, automotive, transport and FMCG industries. We source and stock a wide variety of meshes including nylon, polypropylene, and ABS.

BEC have been privileged to work closely with forward-thinking buyers and R&D teams across the globe, helping innovators of new machinery and technology produce custom metal, mesh, gauze, and plastic filtration units to their exact specifications.

Innovative Solutions

3d printing
and scanning

Rapidly prototype your design with reduced cost and time investments through 3D printing. Make swift design changes and test them out in minutes before you commit to creating a steel mould tool. Hundreds of materials with diverse properties and finishes can be printed.

3D scan project parts in minutes, capturing every detail with HD laser technology. 3D scanning is ideal for reverse engineering parts without CAD drawings to make steel mould tools and plastic injection mouldings.

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