“BEC truly understands what is required to be an invaluable supplier.  They have consistently provided B&G with an excellent service that we have come to rely on.  We view them as supply partners, valuing their technical expertise, their ability to listen and their ability to adapt to market changes; innovating to maintain our 35 year relationship.”

Martin Osborne, Operations Manager, B&G

Project: Overhauling SLAs

Service: Plastic Injection Moulding

Our Client:  B&G develops electronic solutions for the marine industry.

Our Mission:  To ensure that as one of our first ever customers, B&G, remained with us as their plastic injection mould manufacturer when the 2008 recession hit.  We’ve been manufacturing a wide range of their plastic injection moulded products for 35 years, and when recession hit, B&G were forced to review their stockholding strategy.

BEC Solution:  As a valued customer we committed to take a radical look at the way we worked together to ensure we could continue to work together.  We reviewed our SLAs and the lead times for every single product in their huge product range, splitting them into two categories: batch manufactured items and one-off manufactured items.

We then tackled each category and, where possible, changed the delivery and stockholding arrangements for each product, strengthened the SLAs and overhauled the pricing.

Result:  We reduced the overall cost of all their products by 6% in the first year, increased the OTIF rate to 98% and retained our short lead times.  B&G were then able to reduce their costs by 6%, cut their stockholding by 70% and reduce overall spend on plastics.