Testimonial:  “BEC have been our trusted filter component manufacturer for over 20 years.  Even though it’s a small part they manufacture, it’s a bespoke plastic injection moulded filter and integral to reliable functionality.  A truly high-quality UK manufacturer.”
Matt Ferguson,Thomas Dudley 

PROJECT: In-line filter moulding, an integral, high-quality component for their best-selling toilet flushing system.  

Services:  Specialist filter mouldings, filter encapsulation, moulding 360,000 units per year, delivered every quarter.

Our Client: Thomas Dudley is a leading, family owned UK manufacturer engineering high quality cast iron components and bathroom products based in the West Midlands.

Our Mission: Using our filter manufacturing capabilities to consistently manufacture large volumes of a high-quality, specialist filter for their best-selling toilet flushing system. Integral to the protective ball cock filling valve.

BEC Solution

We designed and made the injection mould tool in our in-house toolroom.  Using our specialist upright moulding machines, which are more efficient and more accurate for loading filter pre-forms, to manufacture the specialist filter components.

The component part has a conical nylon mesh which is encapsulated through the plastic injection moulding process.   With an o-ring fitted to each filter as part of the sealing system.  Due to the product requirements all materials comply with WRAS (Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme) Regulations.

As one of our longest running filter customers, Thomas Dudley have been coming to us for over 20 years and we’re proud to enjoy a great supplier relationship which means we can continue to add value where they need it most.   Working with them, we have introduced a stocking process to help reduce their inventory cost and carried out a cost down programme to look at where they could make savings throughout the manufacturing process.


Over 20 years of consistent, reliable and quality filter moulding service.  Moulding over 7 million high-quality, specialist filters in that time.

If you’re looking for a UK manufacturer to help with you next specialist filter moulding project please get in touch on 01425 613131 or email.