It’s been a busy few months.  Not least with us joining UK designers and other manufacturers in answering the call for Critical PPE!

Here’s our latest update on the Protecting Heroes project.

Good Morning Britain

A month ago, our customer’s protective face shields were featured on Good Morning Britain, being packed up by a fantastic team from National Physics Laboratory (NPL), ready for despatch to University College London for our NHS heroes on the frontline.

Coined the “World’s Safest Face Visors” by respected scientific authorities, the visors went through design, rigorous testing, specialist tool and machine moulding stages before being manufactured in our factory here in the UK.  They were then assembled and delivered – all within 8 weeks!  The team worked all hours with unwavering grit and determination.  A fantastic team effort, thank you all!

Level 3 EU Certification 

One month on and now we’re thrilled to announce our customer, Protecting Heroes, have been awarded the extremely eminent Level 3 EU Type-Examination Certificate, proving the face shields satisfy essential health and safety requirements of Annex II of the PPE Regulation (EU) as a Category III product – one of the highest certificates available! This included passing detailed technical reports and stringent product safety reviews.

Increased Production with 2-Cavity Tool

We now have a 2-cavity tool for the face shields, creating a long-term solution to prevent UK PPE shortages in the future.  Having initially made the single cavity tool in record time to get the visors into production, the recent Level 3 certification has proved that the face shields are a success, so we’ve been busy in the toolroom making the 2-cavity tool.

This means 100’s of 1000’s of face shields can now be produced for NHS doctors, nurses and healthcare workers on the frontline, minimising their exposure to the COVID-19 virus and giving them added reassurance day in, day out.   Just as they provide ongoing care, we want to ensure ongoing support, so our response to the crisis will continue.


As Clare Elvy, Marketing Manager explained “our ability to act quickly in the crisis has given us a great opportunity to help.  And because of our agility and collaborative approach, adapting our operations to be able to manufacture the face shields at scale, we haven’t needed to furlough any staff during the pandemic, putting 3 people to work full time on the project.”

Finally, big thanks to our team assembling the face shields – you’re doing a sterling job!

We understand many UK companies are struggling with the supply of critical components at this time.  If you want your products manufactured here in the UK, quickly and cost effectively, we can help. Please call us, we’d love to hear from you. #ukmfg