“The casing design for the Loadmaster was really complex and I needed to make sure it would meet a number of key criteria. BEC suggested I meet with their in-house toolmaker to get a thorough understanding of my requirements and devise the best solution, engineer to engineer.  It was the best hour I could have spent. Mike’s incredible technical knowledge and understanding of what I needed to achieve led to an injection mould tool that worked perfectly. The first batch mouldings were right first time. I now run all our injection mould tooling designs past them.”

Ike Dart, Design Engineer, RDS Technology

Project: Loadmaster 9000i Weighing System

Service: Plastic Injection Moulding

Manufacture Time: 45 days

Our Client:  RDS Technology designs and manufactures a wide range of instruments that monitor, measure and control within the mobile machinery industry.

Our Mission: We were asked to manufacture a P20 steel tool and injection mould a complex casing for their Loadmaster 9000i weighing equipment.

The product had to have a multiple attachment or product calibration, protect the display screen behind an anti-glare acrylic lens, house sensor technology within full RFI/EMI protection with ABS outer casing, use heavy-duty ABS with easy-clean finish, have a universal double ball-jointed mounting bracket and be trade approvable in all EU countries and many countries worldwide.

BEC Solution: The casing had to meet a stringent set of criteria, so we sent along one of our expert toolmakers to meet with the client to run through the product design and the critical success factors.

Once the toolroom had made the recommended tool design modifications they made the steel mould tool.

Result:  Investment in time at the outset resulted in the product’s increased speed to market, the production of a precision injection mould tool which we’re proud to say was 100% right first time, with no modifications in the design process and a proven design review process for all future injection mould tooling projects.