“BEC Group have been manufacturing two bespoke plastic filters for us
for over 15 years. A critical part of an automotive air suspension
product in SUV’s for the US. Initially producing tens of thousands of
filters a year, 2012 saw demand reduce. BEC has been flexible and
adaptable as the product became after-market, ensuring we could get
parts in massively reduced quantities. A good example of a supplier
who listens and is customer-focussed. BEC are a reliable and trusted
supplier I would highly recommend.” 

Ian Holloway, IMI Precision Engineering

Project:  Over-moulded sintered filters

Services: Designed and manufactured the tooling in our onsite toolroom and overmoulded the sintered filter pre-forms in our on-site vertical plastic injection moulding machines.

Our Client:  A world leader in motion control and fluid technology.

Our Mission:  To design, tool and mould bespoke filters for a specialist automotive air suspension system.  Initially in quantities of 10’s of 1000’s, but as market demand changed so did their requirements.  As the product approached end of life and quantities declined, we retained our service with a smile.  Appreciating the dynamics of an ever-changing market; we were only too happy to adapt and flex with IMI Precision as demand decreased.  Scaling down significantly so they could still access the critical filter parts they needed but, in vastly reduced quantities, supporting them throughout the process.

Our Solution: We’ve worked closely with the IMI Precision design team, proud to evolve, adapt and be a reliable, collaborative supplier as needs changed.  Producing bespoke plastic filter components for inside an automotive air solenoid for SUV’s.  The products are after-market now, but not discontinued so only minimal quantities are required.  As a consequence of this natural stage in the production lifecycle, we’ve reduced production runs, without compromising on quality or service.

Result:  Our little filter, the white ring just about visible in the photo, although tiny, is critical to the protection and lifetime performance of the air suspension system.

BEC are proud to offer reliable, continued supply no matter what the change in quantity. We give you confidence in your supply chain, accommodating ongoing changes and delivering so you don’t let your customers down.

If you’re looking for a reliable, flexible supply of bespoke plastic filters so you can continue customer supply in confidence, please get in touch.  Either call 01425 613131 or email.  We’re happy to help!