“The DFM report demonstrated a thorough examination of our tooling requirements. We were extremely impressed by the detailed analysis of our designs and the recommendations BEC offered for each part. This has enabled us to save many times more than the study cost by reducing the number of tools needed, generating immediate financial benefit. In addition, the modifications to the designs that we have made as a result have given us more confidence that the moulded parts will be produced as intended, without the need for significant changes to the tooling once manufactured.”

Michael Andreou, Director, Optigene

Project: Genie III

Service: Design for Manufacture Review

Our Client:  OptiGene develops and manufactures instrumentation and reagents that support amplification and detection of DNA and RNA.

Our Mission:  To carry out a Design for Manufacture (DFM) review of the CAD tool drawings for Optigene’s new product, before OptiGene invested in the manufacture of the numerous plastic injection moulded components. The aim being to reduce expensive design, scheduling and manufacturing modifications, align supplier capabilities with customer expectations, improve product quality and reduce overall manufacturing cost.

BEC Solution:  Using our combined engineering and manufacturing experience we supplied OptiGene with a comprehensive report which identified; risk reduction opportunities, cost saving opportunities by amending and reducing the tooling required, time saving opportunities as well as quality and efficiency improvement opportunities.

Result:  As a result of our DFM, OptiGene have a better product, manufactured for less money and in a shorter timescale.