“Having face to face contact with the BEC team to talk through requirements, to see the tools being made – so nothing got lost in translation – meant a faster turnaround and the entire process was a lot smoother. We had lots more control, working closely with a supplier who really understood the product concept, giving us confidence in their capabilities and expertise.”  

Supply Chain Manager, Guru Systems

Project:  Guru Hub II (2nd Generation Smart Meter) – energy monitoring instrument.

Services: Mould tool design, plastic injection mould tool manufacture, manufacture of plastic injection moulded casing.

Our Client: Multi-award-winning Guru Systems have developed a system that incorporates data analytics and smart technology to optimise heat network performance and deliver low carbon, cost effective heat to millions of homes across the UK.

Our Mission:  To demonstrate our efficient and convenient one-stop shop in the UK for the  design, tooling and moulding of plastic injection moulded products.   Following our collaboration on the successful reshoring of the Hub I, we were asked to work on their second generation smart meter, Hub II.

From concept design phase, we were asked to design and manufacture the suite of injection mould tools, produce prototypes and, on sign off, mould the casings for the new Hub II.

Our Solution:  A key element in restoring Guru’s confidence in manufacturing, was our ability to offer convenient site visits at key milestones throughout the manufacturing process.  With design, on-site toolroom and moulding facilities under one roof, we were able to work closely with Guru System’s designers on a new suite of tools for the Hub II Smart Meter.  Conducting a mould flow analysis during the design for manufacture phase.

Customers are always welcome at BEC and the Guru team often made the short, direct train ride from London, so they could see the tooling, moulding and production runs (to test the tool) at critical stages in its development.  This proved invaluable.  With the customer on-site, we could make decisions quicker, reducing lead times considerably, compared with an overseas manufacturer.

Result: Because we could injection mould, design and manufacture the mould tool for Hub II onsite, the whole design, development and approval was completed quickly and efficiently.  Lead times from concept to delivery were dramatically reduced compared with the previous supply chain involving Chinese manufacture.

Hub II has now superseded Hub I, and is considered the market leader.

If you’re looking for a UK manufacturer who can design and manufacture your injection mould tools and then mould the products, all under one roof, please get in touch. Call us on 01425 613131 or email us, we’d love to hear from you.