Why Overmoulding?

Overmoulding enables us to offer greater flexibility to clients. By designing injection mould tools in house, we can improve the durability, longevity of products with overmoulding. Using this method with overmoulding, we reduce the cost regularly associated with using secondary assembly operations.

What is the Overmoulding Process?

We simply place your component in the injection mould tool, select from a variety of materials for the overmoulding to suit the component and its’ application. A complete overmoulding process.

Overmoulding Benefits

Whether that’s adding shock resistance or durability, to improve safety, longevity & quality, overmoulding is a precise and quality process with BEC Group.

Have a project in mind? For further information on overmoulding, no obligation quotation and estimated lead time please contact us today.

For further information or a no-obligation quotation simply contact us today.