Insert Moulding

Insert Moulding invested in machinery and technology, using ultrasonic to bond components and encapsulation to layer – usually a polymer resin – on top of an existing moulded component, enabling us to hourly output 100 larger filters from one machine and 300 smaller filters from another. We are proud to be insert moulding specialists.

Dedicated and Bespoke – Insert Moulding

Our dedicated filter machines for insert moulding, enable us to remain flexible, available and time critical, stamping out mesh to meet clients exacting requirements.  Designing and manufacturing a wide range of insert moulded custom products, creating reliable filters with mesh and insert moulding as one component.

Our friendly team are happy to advise through all stages of insert moulding, from design, through material selection, tolerance mould manufacture, testing right through to manufacturing. The complete insert moulding process.

For further information or a no-obligation quotation for insert moulding simply contact us today.