The success of any product relies on the quality and accuracy of the tools used to create it. And this is where the art of toolmaking expertise comes into play.

By partnering with skilled engineers and state-of-the-art machinery, you can unlock the power of precision and bring your vision to life. There’s more to this process than what meets the eye.

Read on to learn why toolmaking expertise, precision machinery, and cutting-edge methods are critical to bringing products to life.

What is Toolmaking? 

Toolmaking is the process of creating the moulds used in manufacturing processes, specifically plastic injection moulding. Tools, in injection moulding terms, refer to moulds.

Injection mould toolmakers combine expertise with advanced technology to produce high-quality, precise tools that meet the specific requirements of each project.

The toolmaking process begins with tool design, where designers use CAD software to create detailed 3D models of the desired mould. These digital models are blueprints for the actual toolmaking process and later guide the machining stage.

Let’s move on to discuss the advantages of engaging with proven toolmakers like us at BEC Group.

In-House Advantages 

One key benefit of partnering with a company that offers in-house toolmaking is integrating the moulding process. When the toolroom is located next to the moulding shop, you can expect quick and efficient communication between the toolmaking and moulding teams.

While seemingly simple, this is hugely important. It translates into faster turnaround times and better quality control, ensuring that your products are delivered on time and to your exact specifications.

The Value of Modifications 

In addition to creating new mould tools, skilled toolmakers are also experts at repairing and modifying existing tools.

This can save you money compared to designing and manufacturing entirely new tools.

By carefully assessing your existing tools and suggesting recommended modifications, toolmakers can optimise performance and extend the tool’s lifespan, helping you maximise your budgets.

Reshoring: Bringing Tooling Closer to Home 

In recent years, many businesses have faced challenges associated with outsourcing tooling abroad, such as disrupted supply chains, extended lead times, rising costs and communication issues.

If you’ve experienced these difficulties, you may want to consider reshoring your tooling to a local facility like BEC Group.

By bringing tooling production closer to home, you can benefit from better control over your tooling, quicker signoffs, smooth communication and transparent costs.

Summing Up 

Toolmaking is essential to producing quality products and components.

Whether you need new mould tools or modify existing ones, working with experienced toolmakers is crucial for success.

To learn more about how toolmaking expertise can benefit your business, contact BEC Group today.

Our injection mould toolmaking experience is second to none, blending experience, cutting-edge machinery and cost-effective pricing.

Discover the difference that precision and experience can make in manufacturing and take your products to the next level.