LED Lighting

To reduce the amount of energy BEC Group uses and invest further in sustainability, we have made the switch from legacy fluorescent lighting to energy saving LED lights in the factory.  Our new lighting will reduce energy usage and CO2 emission by over 50% per year as well as reducing costs (win-win!). The new LED lighting will last for up to 50 times longer than the previous bulbs. In addition to improving BEC’s green credentials, the new LED installation provides brighter, more consistent lighting across the factory- allowing for easier quality control checks and precision.


Electric Vehicle Charger

Another green addition to BEC Group’s site is our electric vehicle charging point. The fully functioning charging point is available for visitors, customers, and staff free of charge. We hope that the charging point will encourage our staff to swap to hybrid or fully electric vehicles where possible, and to future proof BEC as these vehicles become increasingly commonplace. Please find the charging point in the far-right hand corner of our car park.