Chances are you have seen filters manufactured by BEC in your life, you just don’t know it!   When you switch on the kettle, the tumble dryer, the tea or coffee machine, clean the floor and flush the toilet. In the airbricks that make up the skin of your home or even when you start the car, you would find one of our filter products.

Our team of filter encapsulation experts have been designing, advising, manufacturing plastic injection moulding tools and manufacturing bespoke plastic encapsulated mesh and gauze filters for clients globally for over 37 years.


Designing and manufacturing plastic injection moulds for bespoke filters in the marine, automotive, transport, white goods and hot beverage industries, we’ve been privileged to work alongside forward-thinking buyers and R&D teams in the UK, Europe and the USA.  We help innovators of new equipment and technology to produce metal and plastic filtration units that are fit for purpose, every time.


It all started in 1982 when we were first asked to design and build a 2-cavity injection mould tool for a Philips tumble dryer, still on the market, manufactured with the same filter today.  Success meant we were approached to design and encapsulate filters for Hotpoint and Creda the following year. Going on to develop filters for 10 different kettle models, including Morphy Richards and Kenwood.

In 2010 we were approached by a well-known automotive company in the US, who were developing a method of reducing diesel emissions.  We’d already been manufacturing tooling for eco petrol filters, so the team started working in earnest to develop the tooling and design of a 3-part bespoke mesh filter, trialled it, sent it to the States for testing, made the tooling, originally running off 5,000 per month.  We’re currently producing 25,000 per month and our filter is successfully being used in conjunction with AdBlue, filtering out harmful UREA, reducing diesel emissions by 70%.


With over 40% of our plastic injection moulding output concentrated on plastic encapsulating filters, we ship nearly 250,000 custom-made filters to the USA and Czechoslovakia alone, every year.  Offering clients availability, expertise, experience and the specialist knowledge to manufacture the product mould tooling to their specification, advising on the best materials for the application, testing and trialling plastic or metal frames with mesh nylon, metal or plastic gauze.

To ensure the continued efficient and clean running of machinery and technology, there’s often a filter preventing water, fuel, oil or air from being contaminated by harmful dust and dirt particles.


Whilst it’s challenging coming up with filtration solutions for clients, we never know what’s coming next, so it continues to be exciting.  The skills, knowledge and expertise of our design and manufacture team are tested to the max every day.

It never ceases to surprise us what amazing innovations continue to be developed and it’s a privilege to be part of that. From developing hydraulic brake filters, filter tooling for paint spray guns, tea pot filters, vacuum cleaner filters, a filter for anti-flood domestic air bricks, tooling for eco petrol filters right through to dispensing and delivering different flavoured tea, coffee and hot drinks.

As for the future for BEC’s filters team, Managing Director Geoff Elvy explains “our focus remains on continuing to develop bespoke filters for clients, but specifically filtration that will improve the environment over the next 10 years.”

For all your filter encapsulation requirements simply email or call 01425 613131 today.