“We couldn’t ask for a more professional, reliable supplier. BEC have given us flexible lead times and technical support throughout the production process to ensure we get the best possible product. Most importantly for us is their level of knowledge and a sincere passion for what they do. I know if I ‘phone up with a product query they actively want to take it on and solve it.”

Dan Rees, General Manager, Ruroc Ltd

Project: Snowboarding Helmet

Service: Product Engineering

Manufacture Time: 60 days

Our Client:  Ruroc are world leaders in full face protection for snowboarders and skiers.  Their mission: “to construct the most insane gear that enhances protection in extreme environments.”

Our Mission: Collaborating with Ruroc’s design agency, Curventa, the BEC team were tasked with manufacturing a ground-breaking helmet that would provide full face protection for snowboarders.

It was absolutely critical that the helmets provided: full head coverage, in-built ventilation with a unique air-flow system to ensure perfect visibility, integrated goggles, a detachable mask and reliable, continuous functionality, even in extreme weather conditions.

BEC Solution:  The benefit of being involved at concept design stage of such a complex project is that our team could conduct a “design for manufacture review” to identify the technical issues early on, avoiding costly engineering issues later on.

We designed and manufactured the tooling in-house, produced a prototype, ran tests then made modifications.  Half way through the project, timescales were brought forward but we had the flexibility to subcontract elements of the tooling manufacture to reliable local suppliers.

Using a tested, specialist ABS plastic we manufactured the helmets, and designed and manufactured the filters incorporated within them to create the unique airflow system.  Assembly being the final stage.

By managing the entire plastic manufacturing process from start to finish, we were able to keep a tight rein on the costs and provide Ruroc with technical recommendations along the way.

Result: a product so successful, it’s enabled Ruroc to diversify into alternative markets.  These helmets are now used by a number of F1 pit crews: Brawn, McLaren, Lotus, Red Bull, Torro Rosso, Williams and Force India.