If something’s cheap, there’s probably a reason for it.

Whether you’ve invented a new product, have a small batch or large production run, you’ll have invested your time and energy into the concept and getting the right tooling and manufacturing suppliers are key to your product’s market success.

Here at BEC we offer inventors and product manufacturers a fresh approach, by working alongside them, and often third-party design teams, to conceptualise and modify design, run off prototypes, sample batches, tooling and plastic injection moulding, all from under one roof.

However, we see all too often customers coming unstuck because they’ve taken an opportunity to cut costs and move their tooling and production overseas.

Guru Systems is a prime example.  They manage consumers energy networks via an LED display box.  Guru had engaged a tooling manufacturer in China.  However, substandard materials, communication barriers and a large shipment going missing altogether brought the project to a shuddering halt.

We always advise customers to think carefully before choosing an overseas manufacturing partner based solely on cost.  If things go wrong, the time, extra cost and hassle factors are just not worth it in the long run.

By the time Guru came to us, they’d lost a full set of tools, multiple shipments and money in logistics.

Our solution was simple, we took over the tooling, moulding, sub assembly, prototype manufacturing and dispatch all from our Hampshire plant.  With Guru based in London, it was easy for the team to pop down or pick up the ‘phone to check on progress at any time. We advised on a P20 steel which is a far more robust material than the aluminium which had been recommended in China.  We etched out the cavities, ran off samples, applied the etched finish and shot blast effect, ran off a new tool and sent samples to client for approval.

2 years on we’re proud to still be Guru System’s trusted supplier and have manufactured a number of tools, keeping costs as competitive as we can without compromising on quality.

Our customers benefit from us having concept, prototype, tool manufacturing and product manufacturing teams working side by side, making the entire process far more efficient and effective.

Our talented team of designers, toolmakers, plastic injection mould and filter manufacturers work with customers across a huge range of industries on a daily basis, refining concepts, and with their wealth of technical knowledge and expertise recommend design and tooling modifications for a better manufacturing outcome.   Testament to this is our extensive portfolio of happy customers who come back to us time and time again.

We offer inventors and product manufacturers a fresh approach, as our founder Geoff Elvy explains “we have a number of high profile companies come to us to help them take their concept through prototype and patenting into manufacture.  We work closely with research and development departments through the full NPD process, helping create plastics solutions that get results for them and the consumer.”

The moral of the story, when choosing a supplier, look at the whole picture, consider all aspects from concept to distribution and factor in time and cost to solve any issues which may arise.

For further information or a quotation please contact our friendly team on 01425 613131 or email hello@becgroup.com