With #wearabletech appearing at both the BAFTAS and the BRITS this year, we thought we’d give you a little overview of just why these bespoke, custom-made wearable payment bands are perfect for all your high-profile events.

Since event organiser’s attentions are keenly focused on minimising human contact, the band’s contactless payment chip means wearers simply scan their wrist, no need to touch or press a screen, whilst the #RFID (radio frequency identification) inserted into each one means organisers can pre-set access to certain areas and spending limits for every user.


·       Comfortable, soft wristbands

·       Enables cashless, contactless payments

·       Reduces queue times – user simply flicks their wrist to the scanner to gain entry

·       Improves security – you decide who accesses which areas

·       Customised with printed logos and artwork

·       Made bespoke with either adjustable or fixed straps

As experts in manufacturing and moulding these high quality, bespoke wristbands for exclusive events, we require no minimum quantity and can custom print and mould them with RFID built-in.

With the convenience of #wearabletech on the up, event organisers should see improved security, a reduction in ticket fraud and quicker payment transactions turning into greater profits.  Not only that, contactless technology enables marketeers to analyse user’s data to develop more sophisticated and targeted communications campaigns.

If you’re planning an event and think #wearabletech could reduce the need for hand-to-hand contact and queueing time at the entrance or the bar, call one of our team of plastic injection moulding experts to discuss it further, we’d love to help (and we love a #wearabletech challenge!).

Give us a call on 01425 613131 or email: hello@becgroup.com