With the red carpet in the news, our own personal favourite for #bestdressed at any event has got to be our very own manufactured #wearabletech.

Wearable because it’s soft, comfortable and adjustable, moulded in a colour of your choice, with customised branding (or not) of your choice, but, and here’s the clever bit … it’s in-built tech means your event guests simply tap their wrists against the scanner to access the event and make cashless payments throughout the event – no need to carry cash or ID!

No strangers to the red carpet, we’ve teamed up with major financial institutions in the past, manufacturing light and totally customisable payment bands, or #wearabletech for the Brit Awards as well as high profile sporting events like the Superbowl in the US and the French Open tennis tournament Roland Garros in Paris, so we appreciate the importance of secure, efficient and trackable payment transactions.

We’ve done enough of it to know that being adaptable is invaluable to clients, running either large production batches if required or smaller runs.  We can even make each individual wristband uniquely identified with laser marking for added security.

How does #wearabletech work?

These comfortable payment bands include Radio Frequency Identification (#RFID) tech embedded into the wristband. We actually overmould over the tech, so wearers can access areas pre-programmed for the individual, likewise if event organisers only want certain guests to access all areas, their wristbands can be pre-programmed accordingly.

Your guests won’t have to carry cash or ID, they simply tap the #wearabletech to make cashless payments and you determine their spending limit.  The bands quickly and efficiently control entry ID, make payment transactions quicker with just a tap of their wrist, reduce queue times, improve security because each guest’s data is captured efficiently.  And because we manufacture the bands from a soft, light thermo plastic elastomer, the straps are totally adjustable and easily personalised.

If you’re planning an event and think #wearabletech could reduce queueing time at the entrance or the bar, call one of our team of plastic injection moulding experts to discuss it further, we’d love to help (and we love a challenge!).

Give us a call on: 01425 613131 or email hello@becgroup.com.