How we do it

Our in-house technical expertise enables us to deliver innovative bespoke and complex plastic moulding solutions.

Customer Service

With internal processes developed to ensure our client service comes first, with flexible and versatile service at the heart of everything we do, we listen to your needs remaining one step ahead with ordering, pricing, quality control, production planning and delivery. Whether it be individual injection tooling projects or a simple repair and validation of an existing tool.


Because we primarily use internal resources, equipment and technology, clients aren’t subjected to additional costs typically associated with sub-contracting or external sourcing.

With the manufacturing process entirely under one roof, you’re free to visit us at any time to check your order progress, without being subjected to shipment delays, inflated costs or language barriers.

To remain at the forefront of plastic innovation we’ve invested in state of the art specialist tools and plastic injection moulding machines.

For further information or a no-obligation quotation simply contact us today.