BEC Group work closely with companies looking to reap the benefits of bringing their production back from the Far East to the UK. Find out more below about how making the jump to reshore manufacturing could benefit your business in the short and long term.

The origins of reshoring

China’s rapid industrialisation in the 1980s led to it quickly becoming the top manufacturing force in the globe. Driven by low labour costs, low taxes and little regulation for workers, the ubiquitous Made in China label was stamped on millions of consumer goods destined for the UK. After decades as the “factory of the world” the tide began to turn. In the 2010s UK manufacturers began to return to British soil in the hopes of decreased lead times and costs. Improved control over the production process was an additional benefit for many.

Why reshore manufacturing?

In the last several years, reasons to reshore manufacturing have multiplied. Labour costs have increased and transportation costs have gone up at least five-fold. Brexit has caused huge bureaucratic issues. Not to mention a global pandemic and geopolitical conflicts that highlight the fragility of lengthy supply chains.

The benefits to relocating production to the UK are not only monetary and timely. Greater control over the entire process is hugely advantageous both for quality issues and time constraints. At BEC for instance, customers are encouraged to visit our tooling and moulding shops, are consulted at every step of the process from material selection to slight modifications and can approve samples in the flesh, sometimes within hours of them being made.

Bringing your tools back

Occasionally to ease the transition of begining to reshore manufacturing, or because tools cannot be brought back to the UK for various reasons, clients use a dual-supply system. Retaining initial tooling abroad and creating new tools in the UK- this can have higher initial costs but be beneficial for ensuring continuity of supply and shoring-up chains for the long-term.

Once tools are on site, BEC carries out a full inspection report on the suitability of the tool for moulding. We also identify any required repairs or alterations and if absolutely necessary will advise to re-tool. Re-tooling provides you with a tool that will last for hundreds of thousands of runs and great quality mouldings.

Who have BEC helped reshore manufacturing for in the past?

BEC have experience in working with reshoring projects across marine technology, children’s toys, medical products, transportation and more.

Previous reshoring partners of BEC, Ecoegg describe their experience. “We brought our tools back from China after a number of challenges. BEC demonstrated the benefits of keeping production local and proved that cost isn’t the only factor to consider when selecting a supplier.” Dawn White, Director at EcoEgg.

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