It’s been a busy week in the mouldshop at BEC Group. After thirty years of dedicated service, we bid a fond farewell to our oldest injection moulding machine – a Fortune Euro 180 installed at BEC in the early 90’s. This was an emotional goodbye for several of our staff members who have been at BEC only a couple of years longer than the machine!

Replacing the Fortune Euro 180 is a gleaming Battenfeld Smartpower 240. This 240-tonne horizontal injection moulding machine will allow BEC to mould parts larger in dimension and with a higher shot weight (the amount of plastic injected into a mould to fill it). The Battenfeld will also allow for more modern software to be used when setting and running jobs, and improved reliability.

As part of BEC’s drive to improve sustainability, the new machine is much more energy efficient than its predecessor. This not only reduces BEC’s environmental footprint, but also lowers running costs at a time when energy is increasingly expensive.