It’s a momentous week for the founders of BEC (Graham Blake, Geoff Elvy & Barrie Cox, pictured below) as we look back and celebrate the 41-year anniversary of the original payment terminal which we manufactured tooling and moulding for in 1981.

Graham Blake
Barrie Cox
Geoff Elvy holding the TLC110

Geoff is holding the TCL110 (Mark I version) and the TCL200 (Mark II) version features in this WHSmith poster. All tooling and mouldings for both were manufactured by BEC and, so the iconic, first British payment terminal is on display in the Science Museum in London.

Director of Racal Transcom, John Friend

Geoff Elvy said, “The manufacturing of this first British payment terminal marked a pivotal moment for our company so to celebrate the 41st anniversary of this makes me really proud to show such innovation in what were such bad times.” 

We owe a great deal to two of the directors of Racal Transcom that helped form this important partnership. John Friend (pictured left) and Richard Hampton who trusted BEC to build the tooling and produce the mouldings in December 1981.