3D technologies, including 3D printing and scanning, are transforming manufacturing processes.

BEC Group leverages cutting-edge 3D scanning and printing to accelerate our workflow, enabling us to bring intricate designs to life while cutting costs for customers.

Let’s take a deeper look at 3D manufacturing tech and what it brings to the table.

Reverse Engineering with 3D Scanning

When customers come to us with a physical part but no CAD files, our Einscan Pro HD 3D Scanner comes to the rescue.

This advanced tool scans details across complex shapes and surface finishes in minutes, allowing our skilled team to transform the scan into accurate CAD files for building moulds.

Rapid Prototyping with 3D Printing

Our Fusion F410 3D Printer enables us to produce high-quality prototypes in minutes.

This 3D printing service saves time and money and allows for iterative design improvements until the perfect prototype is achieved.

We use a wide range of thermoplastics in our 3D printing design process, including ABS, PLA, PET, nylon, and polypropylene.

Streamlined Design Process

By leveraging 3D technologies, BEC Group streamlines the entire design process for plastic injection moulding.

From reverse engineering existing parts to creating new designs from scratch, our team uses 3D tools to optimise the moulding workflows – and pass savings onto you, the customer.

Summing Up

3D printing and scanning technologies have transformed the plastic injection moulding industry. BEC Group has already implemented them into our workflows, passing the advantages onto end customers.

So, whether you need assistance with product design, mould tool creation, or large-scale production, we can support you.

Contact us to discover how BEC Group can bring your ideas to life and take your projects to the next level with sophisticated 3D tech and decades of plastic injection moulding expertise.